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We are not just the community for the traders. We believe ourselves to be the best in market since we have outmost experience in trading. The Cover Order is your key to learn to trade and invest in the market. We help you erase your confusion and teach you the best way possible.

The most crucial part is learning. Everything needs to be learned before doing it practically. At Cover Order, you can learn theoretically as well as practically.

We cover all topics of trading, i.e, Day Trading, Positional Trading, Futures & Options Trading, and much more.

Last but not least, investing is a good habit. One should remain invested, therefore, we teach you how to remain invested in the market to gain profits.

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I came to know about Cover Order last year and I joined them instantly. They introduced me to whole new aspects of trading and I am very happy with them.
Cover Order helps you understand the difference between retail and professional trader. They help you become a professional trader and I am grateful to them.
Cover Order is the easiest and effective way to boost your knowledge about the stock market which I couldn’t figure out and helped me trading in live market.

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