What Are The Dirty Little Secrets of The Stock Market?

These are the dirty little secrets of the stock market…. Always buy a stock which is trading 20% above its 52 weeks low and closing price above 20% of 52 week low should be maintained for consecutive 3 days. Never buy a 52 week low stock till this criteria maintained. Exit fully from a stock […]

What Are The Biggest Myths About Investing?

Hi Traders/Investors, Investing in the stock market is a risky affair, especially when you are a beginner. The uncertainty of its movement has surprised even market pundits and experts at regular intervals. Along with the risks, there are many myths too which confuse investors and hit their returns. Today, we take a look at ten […]

Why Do Trading Educators Reveal Their Strategies?

Simple to make money….!!! But not all Traders reveal their strategy… For example ME… I won’t reveal my strategy cos I am selfish!!! Not Guilty I mean why else wouldn’t I share my strategy which gives profit on a daily basis? How does it matter that I have spent last 6 years studying the market, determining […]