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Hi Traders/Investors,


It’s not as easy as we think.

  • I started trading in 2016 but never made money initially. That made me understand that I need to learn more.
  • I learned about fundamentals and technical charts in beginning.
  • I learned about futures and options and got proficient in it.
  • I learned about hedging risks.
  • I learned different types of strategies and techniques.
  • I understood why 90 percent people lose money and only 10 percent make money in stock market.
  • I learned their is nothing like luck. Everything is based on your research.
  • I learned controlling my emotions and never get attached or try to take revenge from any stock.
  • I realized we need to form our own strategy which suits our own personality.
  • I started following news and market movements
  • I experimented many strategies with little money for two years on by my own also with their services.
  • I connected a network of some serious, genuine, intelligent and successful people who understand the market. They help me to understand their ideas and their strategies.
  • I learned about value of money and cut all my unnecessary expenses.
  • I learned, what we eat, affects our thoughts. I started eating only right food.
  • I started doing meditation before market starts to keep my mind calm.
  • I learned the value of helping others. Because every time I help someone, I make more money on stock market.

Finally, the more I learned, I realized I know very little.

If you are not following the markets and analyzing it then it is not for you. It is not a gamble. You need to find patterns and that is done only by following the markets and follow a good researchers who should be well qualified and experienced in the market.

If you can’t, then quit but don’t take it as gambling.

Thanx for reading🙂

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Praveen Maxter

Praveen Maxter

An Intraday trader with 6 years of experience.

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