What is a quick and accurate intraday strategy?

Nothing will work 100%… No, there is 1….! Maintaining the Stoploss limit. Consider maintaining the SL limit which works 100% and protects you from loosing more! I believe in price action & money flows more than indicators. My strategy built of simple things, candlesticks, levels and classic patterns. Using these main things I learned to […]

How can I make a profit from trading? Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi Traders, Many enter into the stock market to make money. Especially, Intraday traders, they enter the market to make money in a very short span. Before entering the market, many say that 95% of intraday traders lose money but why? You will get an answer to this in this question. Read till the end. Traders […]

What are the best tips for options trading in Indian stocks?

Hi Traders/Investors, Options Trading is high risk and high reward business. One shouldn’t directly jump into it without having proper knowledge and also one must have trading experience. Never underestimate the power of Risk Management if your trading in options. Few more important tips to be taken seriously in trading. Don’t trust others opinions – It’s […]

Does technical analysis really work?

I don’t know why this doubt arises, but it is my responsibility to clarify your doubt as a Technical analyst. First thing is, if anyone want to became a trader then they should learn about technical analysis. Once they learnt about technical analysis, then they can confidently trade on any stock, it may be commodity, […]

What are the best and accurate intraday tips to earn 1,000 INR each trade?

Hi Traders/Investors, It is very easy to earn Rs.1,000 per day through smart trading. If you see the stock watch list , then you can find 100+ stock trading below the price of Rs.1000. Now you have to create a watch-list of all stocks excluding z category stocks. How to screen stocks for intraday earning […]

How can I start F&O trading in the Indian stock market?

Hi Traders/Investors, Well it takes patience to learn trading. If you are doing it part-time i.e mainly devoting time during the weekends, it will take even longer. If you are persistent through one boom and one bust cycle, you will learn it well in around 10years time frame. I will divide your learning journey basically […]

With Rs 1 Lakh in hand, how much can I earn per day through intraday ?

Hi Traders/Investors, Every individual who comes to the stock market comes with the desire to earn well. The stock market is one of the most lucrative avenues of making money, as it provides better returns than other avenues. Intraday trading Investing has no limits. You can start with Rs 2000 or with Rs 1,00,000. There […]