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How can I make a profit from trading? Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi Traders,

Many enter into the stock market to make money. Especially, Intraday traders, they enter the market to make money in a very short span.

Before entering the market, many say that 95% of intraday traders lose money but why? You will get an answer to this in this question. Read till the end.

  • Traders enter the market.

  • Few with no knowledge.

  • Most with no proper knowledge.

  • Very few with proper knowledge.

Let’s see some cases.


An employee starts his career with Rs. 25000 as monthly salary. (Just a rough estimate). But how long he/she studied to get that job?

Maybe 10 years or 15 years or even more.

Ok after getting the first job, does he/she stops learning? No, he/she has to learn new things/new technologies to meet the employer’s expectations and to grow.


Sachin entered cricket in the early stage of his life.

Do you think, he gained the popularity from the Day-1 onwards? No.

Do you think, he stopped learning new techniques and practice once he stood as one of the best players in India? No.

Do you think, he earned so much money from the day-1?


Hope you know the Movie called Bahubali. It took 6 years and more than 400 crores for the makers to make it.

Did the producers make money in those 6 years? No

Did anyone of the cast or crew stop working in middle? No

Could you imagine, what might have happened to the producer if the movie becomes a flap?

what is the result? The movie became a PAN India blockbuster and earned more than 2500 crores and earned a lot of respect and name for the entire team.

What can you learn from the above cases?

  • No one can get rich from the very beginning in any field.
  • Success requires continues learning, patience.
  • Money is just the by-product to your hard work.

People study for 20 years to get a job but in trading, people expect to get rich in just 30 days.

I know a trader who entered the market with no proper knowledge and in a span of 3 months, he lost 15 Lakhs.

Then he learned about the technicals and fundamentals and again started.

Initially, he used to make 5000–7000 per day but then greed started in his thoughts because his mind is filled with his previous loss.

Again started losing money.

If he played without greed earning 5000 per day he would have made 1.2 crores in 10 years (No.of trading days * 5000).

So remember this, No Loss can be recovered in one day.

99% of traders lose money in the process of making money quick.

So every trader or investor should have these…

  • Proper knowledge of how the stock market works
  • Should follow Risk management.
  • Patience
  • Consistency

then your FORTUNE will come in your life.

Thanx for reading🙂

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Praveen Maxter

Praveen Maxter

An Intraday trader with 6 years of experience.

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