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How can I quit the habit of intraday share trading every day?

Here is my advise :

Stop doing whatever you are doing and exit with what you have.

Don’t come back to market as an intraday trader, unless you change things/approach drastically.


  • Let’s say you had 100 rupees to start with. You have lost 90 rupees in a small span of 6 months.
  • Now you are left with 10 rupees.
  • How much % gain should it take to go back to original capital?
  • having 90% loss, so will 90% gains get you back on feet?
  • 90% gains now will get you to 19 Rupees.
  • Just to get back to square one, where you started. You need 900% gains.

Yes 900% returns…….is it possible…. well i don’t think so….

“The bull walks up the stairs but the bear jumps out the window”

This kind of capital erosion is very scary and is the reason why people are scared of stock market, and many unaware people link it to gambling.

But u ll soon realize two important things:

  • There is not a single person in the market who has not incurred losses.
  • Intraday trading requires lot of knowledge and experience.

My advise for you is :

  • Believe in yourself. Everybody incurs losses in share markets. Its normal.
  • Find the mistakes made by you. Your loss could have been much more than Rs. 18000/-. Be thankful to God, may be he wants you to learn more.
  • Consider Rs. 18000/- as a fees paid by you to learn about stock markets. But here you are both the teacher and student. You have to learn all by yourself. There is lots of stuff available on net about stock markets, learn it by yourself.
  • Make a intraday strategy. Work on it for six to eight months and then re enter market with full confidence, believe me you can recover all your loss in a single day.
  • Dont invest in risky stocks to make quick bucks. You will end up loosing only.

Thanx for reading🙂

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Praveen Maxter

Praveen Maxter

An Intraday trader with 6 years of experience.

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