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How did you get started in day trading, and how successful have you been?

Let me tell my secret….

I started to do day trading because I also wanted to earn money very quick and settle down in life soon….

when I start trading 6 years back…. I just bought a stock named optocircuits which was a penny stock trading at a price of 13 rupees….

I really don’t know wat to buy and sell back then….. I was buying penny stocks and was waiting for it to move like 1% to 2% expecting to make profits

I bought the stocks in the morning 9:15 am as soon as market opens and waited whole day watching the charts …. there is just just movement between 13.05 to 13.10 only…. I thought it would go up tomorrow and didn’t sold the stocks which I bought…..

I was having like 2000 rupees in my sharekhan account ….. yes my bad I entered the market without knowing the difference between full fledged brokers and discount brokers…

The stock didnt go up according to my expectations ….. I fed up and squared off the stocks the next day…. now the charges was like heavy…. I really don’t know stuffs about Leverage,Intraday,Margin,Liquidity,Risk,Reward,Order Types,etc…..

Then i started learning about sharemarket in internet…. doing many trades based on many strategies illustrated by youtube gurus…. still only made losses…

These youtube gurus and bloggers were like selling different courses …I paid like thousands thinking I ll make it back by trading in sharemarket and earn a lot of money…!!!

Still no progress…. so I thought of quitting …..

But market never allows u to leave ….. because the greed of making money ll give u more confidence than the knowledge itself….. truth hurts ..!!!

By the tym…. it was like 18 months gone by… haha… it was 18 months yes I m not kidding a year and a half passed…. all money I traded with went to losses…

After that I started to realise No strategy works in market without proper risk reward and discipline

Then I started trading using Price Action Trading…..

now I m earning money from market…. can u believe that i was a guy like others complaining market works for big guys….. but it works for everyone with proper knowledge….

life as a trader for me is like ……from nothing to growing now….

Ur turn will come too… just stick to the market like me….

Thanx for reading🙂

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Praveen Maxter

Praveen Maxter

An Intraday trader with 6 years of experience.

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