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I have Rs. 50,000. I am a beginner in intraday trading. Is it possible to get 8/10% profit daily?

Hi Traders,

Here we are talking about earning 500–600 rupees daily from the stock market. Hope to get you is good and also real because the target of 500–600 rupees is not big.

Now but at the same time, a question definitely arises that how much money you invest with an investment of 600 rupees.

  1. If you keep it with an investment of 10000 rupees then the reality of your goal is completely lost.
  2. If you walk with such a goal with an investment of 50,000, then there is a little strength in the reality of your goal. But the same
  3. If you grow with an investment of 1 lakhs, then the reality of your goal becomes more towards you.

One thing to note in these things is that as the amount of your investment is increasing, the target of your target is leaning towards you in the same proportion. That is, if I tell you in the language of the market, then having a low target with more investment protects you with profits as well as your capital.

In the above things, I have told you the relationship with the market and the amount of investment. Now I know how to earn 500–600 from the market?

I am writing the following below keeping in mind a professional trader. If you also want to earn such a profit, then first of all, you have to trade for the whole month by staying disciplined based on the routine given below.

Suppose the investment amount is 50K rupees.

  • Investment amount: 50,000 ₹
  • Number of trades done daily: 4
  • Script Size: 500
  • Limit: 4 time
  • Current Investment Amount: 2,00,000 ₹
  • Number of shares that can be purchased or short sale: 400

That means 100 shares in each trade.

  • Target: 4 ₹

(A movement of Rupees 3-5 is common in a 500 script.)

  • Stop loss: 3 ₹
  • Analysis Quality: 70%

(If you analyze medium-high quality, then you can definitely display 65-70% quality.)

  • Trade number of profit: 3 i.e. profit 1200 ₹
  • Trade number of loss: 1 i.e. Rupees 300
  • Gross profit = 1200–300 = 900 ₹

That is, if you show 65% quality in your analysis, then your gross profit will be Rupees 900. If we also get brokerage charge out of this, then your net profit will be around 700 ₹.

The given schedules and routines are mostly used by the portfolio management company and the trades are performed under a veteran. Before investing in the market, it must be remembered that both profits and losses are important parts of the market, and if a person only wants to run with the money, then the probability of their fall is high.

This is our trade today. In which the use of 60,000 investment has resulted in a total profit of Rupees 5,000. The profits depend on the market. Therefore, we should move forward keeping our expectation under control. In the market, we should lure when everyone is afraid. In such a time, greed gives us good profits. But a person loses his investment by walking with the crowd.

So, stay disciplined and safe investing. Hopefully the posts will be useful for you, so do upvote. If you move forward keeping the reality in mind, the results will also get real.

Thanx for reading🙂

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Praveen Maxter

Praveen Maxter

An Intraday trader with 6 years of experience.

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