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Should we teach our kids trading?

Are u kidding me….

I ll teach my kid trading in my wife’s womb if possible

I m not a father yet…. still 25 unmarried not a virgin…. weird ryt…!!!

If my son or daughter is matured enough to count 1+1 then I ll make him/her to trade like ryt from that day….

Trading needs experience… I have only 4 to 5 years experience…. I m earning a decent pay from trading….

Consider if I have 20+ years of experience …. I ll be earning atleast twice of wat I am earning ryt now….

just teach the kids…. there is no harm in that….. let the kid have trading as an extra talent like singing or dancing…..

Thanx for reading🙂

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Praveen Maxter

Praveen Maxter

An Intraday trader with 6 years of experience.

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