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Which moving average works best for intraday trading in stocks?

As a Trader I always believe Pure Action action Trading is the best…..

I usually don’t encourage to use any indicators…. during my training session one of my fellow student asked me why r u not using indicators….

My student argued with me u see there are many working indicators y cant v use them to trade…

I didn’t mean indicators wont work or something…..

but it is laggish when compared to Price Action Trading that is wat i argued with him if u r wondering wat I spoke with him….

I don’t tell them keeping your hand on fire hurts….. I literally grab their hands and keep it on fire so they get hurt….. Guilty… haha

So, I intentionally gave my students a indicator crossover strategy(EMA)….. and asked them to practise…. which is a waste of tym for them….. they realised that after a month or so….

Ema (Exponential Moving Average) Crossover Strategy….

Strategy is really simple … it has three ema 5 , 15, 26….

  • when 5 EMA crossed below 15 and 26 EMA simultaneously then u short(sell) it
  • when 5 EMA crossed below 15 and 26 EMA simultaneously then u Long(buy) it

very simple ryt….

I asked them to practise it for a month and asked them to update with the results after a month….

Month passed after they came up with their results…. yes they ll be profitable….

5 15 26 EMA crossover strategy works like a charm u can try them….

But they missed huge profits…. because price action trading tells exactly the reversal points…. To be precise it shows u the entry points before any indicators shall show u….

lets see in this case of mindtree charts itself….

Now that batch was my brilliant batch and irritating batch too…. haha…

Conclusion :

Price action is always the king…. indicators too works but little laggish don’t u feel that…..

Thanx for reading🙂

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Praveen Maxter

Praveen Maxter

An Intraday trader with 6 years of experience.

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