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Why do trading educators reveal their strategies?

Simple to make money….!!!

But not all Traders reveal their strategy… For example ME….

I won’t reveal my strategy cos I am selfish!!! Not Guilty

  • I mean why else wouldn’t I share my strategy which gives profit on a daily basis?
  • How does it matter that I have spent last 6 years studying the market, determining what works or what doesn’t?
  • How does it matter if I have lost over 7 lakhs developing and testing my various strategies?
  • How does it matter if I spend over 5k every month taking a premium subscription of a leading trading software?
  • How does it matter, the years of disappointments, pangs as I watched my trading account going bust over 8 times?
  • How does my stress, my health, matter to anyone?

So I am suppose to share my strategy with people just because they ask me nicely?

The very simple reason that traders don’t share their strategy is because it gives them an edge over the others. It’s is, in my case, a combination of hard work, patience and discipline that I have learnt the hard way, to earn nearly 4 out of 5 trading days.

And that is good enough for me.

Thank you!!