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With Rs 1 Lakh in hand, how much can I earn per day through intraday ?

Hi Traders/Investors,

Every individual who comes to the stock market comes with the desire to earn well. The stock market is one of the most lucrative avenues of making money, as it provides better returns than other avenues.

Intraday trading

Investing has no limits. You can start with Rs 2000 or with Rs 1,00,000. There are no boundaries in capital. Since there are no restraints, there are no boundaries in earning either. In theory, the amount of money one can make from the share market is unlimited.

If you want to make money every day, you should indulge in intraday trading. In intraday trading, you buy and sell stocks within a day. Stocks are purchased not as a form of investment, but as a way of making profit by harnessing the fluctuations of the stock prices.

what are the rules?

Rule 1: Trade in Shares That Have High Volume

Rule 2: Leave Behind Your Greed and Your Fears

Rule 3: Keep Your Entry and Exit Points Fixed

Rule 4: Limit Your Loss by Using a Stop-Loss Order

Rule 5: Follow the Trend

you can try following these guidelines :

  • Select a few stocks you wish to target

  • Track the movement of these stocks closely for at least 15 days, before you take any action

  • In this period, analyse the stocks in a variety of ways based on volume, indicators, and oscillators. Some indicators most commonly used are Supertrend or the Moving Average. You can take the help of oscillators like Stochastics, Moving Average Convergence Divergence or MACD and Relative Strength Index.

  • If you follow your targeted stocks regularly in market hours you will gain a high level of accuracy in a span of few days. You will be in a better position to interpret price movements.

  • Basis of the indicators you have used and your analysis, you can now fix your entry and exit points.

  • You should also fix on the stop loss and your target before you invest.

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Praveen Maxter

Praveen Maxter

An Intraday trader with 6 years of experience.

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